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Devonshire Place Orchard poem

Damson Merryweather meets Rivers
Early and prolific, in the orchard that afternoon
As Czar, Howgate Windsor and Red Winson
Rosemary RussetChat up Rosemary Russet and Victoria plum,
Making Exeter Cross, while the Duke of Devonshire
Has his way with Rajka, at the Czech out point
Stellar non plussed as was Opal.
Sops in Wine bar clapps out after a long day
A wonderful pear, Superb Gageing Denistons,
Sunburst cherry, breaks through the cloud
And Williams deep in Conference with George Cave
A dark horse, that Marjorie Seedling
'Striped beefing on the outside
to Rheine Claude de Bavary
Old English climbs back on Everest
Beurre Hardy just wins by a head and a whisker
to Comice.'

Damson 5 apple 12
Cherry 9 Plum 5
Pear 5 Greengage 5
which only leaves Ulvestone St Germain

Épater la bourgeoisie to shock the middle classes

Elle paie de mine, voila tout!

"She looks good but that is all"
and that's just one of them.

Catillac to you.

James Crowden 14 January 2015
First read aloud in Devonshire Place orchard 16th Jan 2015

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